Scope & Future Prospects For Cabin Crew / Air Hostess

India being a fast developing country, and a very high growth of its economy, Aviation is an integral part of it. Without the growth of Indian Aviation market, economy of the country cannot grow.

Many new Airlines are in pipeline to come.

Existing Airlines are Increasing its fleet with the growth in the passenger traffic in last 1.5 year.

This trend of growth in Aviation Sector is not visible only in India, but through out the world.

Career Prospects

Air cabin crew members have multiple career options. They can seek job opportunities in public sector airlines, like Air India & Pawan Hans. However, most cabin crew members prefer private airlines operating on domestic and international routes. Private airlines like Jet Airways, Spice Jet, IndiGo, and Jetlite Airlines etc are some favored firms for cabin crews. With experience, they can become supervisors and assign and oversee the work of junior cabin crew members. Most airlines allow crew members to opt for other jobs within the airline, depending on their suitability for the positions available. Some airlines allocate routine assign administrative and other ground duties to senior flight staff members.