As per the diagrammatic representation given above, which is based on data, given by CAPA, there is huge demand of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering professional though out world. As per estimation, in Asia Pacific itself there is a demand of 2,56,000 engineers. If we look at the world over figures, we need 6,48,000 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personals. These are the demand figures from 2017 to 2036, i.e. approximately 20 years.

Looking at the figures above for Asia Pacific region, even if there is 100 % pass rate, India will produce only 2200 candidates per year, means in 20 years approximately 44000, trained Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personals. India and China among the largest countries in this region will be able to provide approximately 1 lac trained manpower. Other remaining small countries will contribute approximately 25000 trained manpower. Considering all these figures, scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personal is too high in the market.

Indian government’s open sky policy, regional connectivity policy, tax exemptions on MRO industry, is boosting Indian Aviation Industry to achieve laurels in the field. Lot of new Aircrafts are being imported by Airlines, Scheduled operators, Non-Scheduled Operator, and Business house owners. All these factors are increasing the demand of skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personals.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personals can apply for jobs in approximately 250 plus companies in India, to mention some of the companies and domain of aviation related companies are as follows:

BSF, HAL, Taneja Aerospace, Mahendra Aerospace, Civil Aviation Department, DGCA, Scheduled Airlines, Non Scheduled Airlines, Private Airlines, Government Airlines, MRO, AMO, TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS etc.